Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's Happening in our Halls!

Perry Panthers unite!  It is very exciting to be apart of such a spirited school system and community.  Students in our Art Explorations classes recently worked collaboratively to create this large positive and negative painting.  Working in the style of the artist Chuck Close each student was responsible for creating one individual block working solely on the enlarging and representing the lines, shapes and text of their square.
       This is very much like the style of portrait artist Chuck Close who creates his paintings using a part-to-whole approach.  This lesson lent itself to math integration (using a grid and measurement) and also allowed for retrospective self-assessment on each student’s part to see how their piece became such an important part of the puzzle.   Students were quickly able to assess their individual strengths and weaknesses as well what was successful as a whole.
This was also challenging because students had no idea what they were painting as they were working on each individual square.  Keeping their piece the right direction when painting it, addressing placement, proportion and size all were very vital to the painting also.  In the end we feel the panther recreation turned out quite well and the process that took place was valuable for the art students involved. 

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