Thursday, August 27, 2015

New year, new start!
It's been quite some time since updating the blog and that has to do with the fact that we are now using an instagram account to reach our students.  We have found that more of them interact with what we are posting there, than with our blog.  Other social media tools that keep our students on track is our Remind101 account and our Google homework calendar.  
We would love for our students and their families to follow our art department and see what we are creating in our classrooms and out in our Perry community!  For fifth and sixth grade Pfeiffer students, follow us @PfeifferIntermediateArt and for seventh and eight grade Edison artists, our instagram is @EdisonArt.  
Thanks and have a fantastic 2015-2016 school year!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogging Vs. Other Social Media

Our blog has been challenging to keep up this school year partly because we added other social media tools, such as Instagram to our classroom and have been communicating to our students and parents through that.  This paired with Remind101, has kept our students much more informed and in tune with what's going on in our classroom and around the community in terms of art.  Although we still value the blog, we are deciding to concentrate more of our efforts towards Instagram since that is where the majority of our followers lie.  We hope you will join us there too and follow us @EdisonArt.  We would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So much art going on in our buildings... so little time to blog about it!

 Between both buildings the art is flourishing as students are working in a variety of media.  The struggle this year is keep up with the social media that we are using to post the progress of our student's work.  Recently, Mrs Self and I having been using our Instagram account, EdisonArt almost daily to boast about the work of our students.  Other things happening around Perry in the art departments of Edison Middle School and Pfeiffer Intermediate include artwork being selected for Akron Children's Hospital, The Sippo Library showcase, our new lobby gallery, an Art Club mural and an Art Club school beautification project involving ceiling tiles.  It's not that we aren't creating... in fact we are creating so much there is barely anytime to blog about it!  We have also been busy using our talents to create items for local nursing homes to bring cheer during the holiday season.  We could not be more proud of the work our students are doing in and out of the classroom.  Here's a snapshot below of various art projects in various stages around our buildings.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Year, New Art!

Wow!  We are six weeks into school and you probably think we aren't making any art!  Quite the contrary!  We have been busy at every level, using a variety of media, learning about many different styles of art and artists!  Mrs. Self and I have been stepping up to the challenge of implementing social media into our classrooms with tech savvy ways of communicating like Instagram and Remind101.  If you don't know what these are, ask your kids and they will tell you.  We are diving head first into their world and so should you!

Follow us on Instagram @EdisonArt which strictly showcases the art of the Edison students (our seventh and eighth graders.)  It is a great way to snap their work in progress, allow them to build eachother up and get feedback from these great young people!

Below I am posting a plethora of pictures of some of our latest creations and will definitely get into individual tabs this week and spotlight what each class is doing!  Until then, happy Monday and happy creating! It is sure to be a great school year both in and out of the classroom... more on that later though--what until you see what our after school art clubs are planning!
Mrs. Peterson :)
SIXTH GRADE PORTRAITS in Andy Warhol style.  Inspiration for these came from my friend Mrs. Tannert @

Chinese lanterns adorning my room at Pfeiffer thanks to Miss Loudon and her awesome lesson!

Sixth grade coil pots heading into the kiln this week to be glazed later!  WOOHOO!

Art Explorations mandala creations!  Who knew art and math could be so fun?

Fifth grade George Rodrigue Blue dogs...

Sixth grade plaster masks created the first month of school are currently being showcased in Pfeiffer's showcase!