Thursday, November 14, 2013

So much art going on in our buildings... so little time to blog about it!

 Between both buildings the art is flourishing as students are working in a variety of media.  The struggle this year is keep up with the social media that we are using to post the progress of our student's work.  Recently, Mrs Self and I having been using our Instagram account, EdisonArt almost daily to boast about the work of our students.  Other things happening around Perry in the art departments of Edison Middle School and Pfeiffer Intermediate include artwork being selected for Akron Children's Hospital, The Sippo Library showcase, our new lobby gallery, an Art Club mural and an Art Club school beautification project involving ceiling tiles.  It's not that we aren't creating... in fact we are creating so much there is barely anytime to blog about it!  We have also been busy using our talents to create items for local nursing homes to bring cheer during the holiday season.  We could not be more proud of the work our students are doing in and out of the classroom.  Here's a snapshot below of various art projects in various stages around our buildings.