Mrs. Self

I graduated from Muskingum University and then received my Master's Degree in Education from Marygrove College.  I enjoy all types and styles of art, but what brings me the greatest joy is bringing out the love of art in my students.  It is hard to believe that this marks my 20th year of teaching!  I am fortunate to have been able to teach art to so many wonderful, talented Perry students for the past 16 years.  

My family is the light of my life!  It consists of my husband Jayson, daughter Kendall (7th grade), and sons Brady (4th grade) and Erik, who will be 1 in December.

I look forward to all of the amazing artworks my current and future "Perry Picassos" will create!

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  1. Wow! Love your art and I'm sure your students do too! I'm heading back to middle school after 15 years of high school, so I'm mining you for ideas! I love the Picasso Sculpyures and Ocarinas!

    Jon Studebaker